Let the Conversations Begin!

We started our first Contemporary Conversations in Feminisms class with a lively discussion about Beyoncé’s ***Flawless.  We contemplated her use of the word “b*tch,” the inclusion of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s words on feminism, and what it means that Bey “woke up like dis.”



The students also reflected on their own definitions and understandings of feminism. How do we place ourselves in this conversation?

Is it time for Friday’s class yet?



2 thoughts on “Let the Conversations Begin!

  1. I think that the conversation that we had on the first day about ‘Yonce’s use of language in the song was really interesting. I was thinking after that class about the reappropriation of the word “bitch”. I’m immediately flooded with flashbacks to films from the 60’s/70’s where it is used as an insulting and derogatory word. But now it seems that the word is used as an empowering phrase. I conjure up an image of a woman breaking free from shackles every time the word is used in such a manner. I guess something that I’m wondering, and maybe one of my goals for the class is to find an answer for this, is when in feminist history did this switch occur? And does this new meaning of “bitch” apply to all women, or just to African American women as I think someone said in class?

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